Train to be an Electrician

Wondering how to become an electrician?

Whether you’re a young person looking to enter the trade or you’re thinking about switching careers, becoming an electrical installer or fully qualified electrician gives you loads of new opportunities for competitive pay and high job satisfaction.

Become a qualified electrician with Rebus Training, no matter your background. We have a range of training options available - from fully funded electrician apprenticeship programmes through to domestic installer courses and NVQ 3 Diploma Electricians Courses.

You can follow the guide below to indicate which route may be right for you. For further help call our Customer Service team on 01782 976555 who will be happy to help you.

I am new to the electrical industry.

I want to work on Domestic installations (houses)

I want to work on Domestic, Industrial and Commercial installations

Take a look at our Domestic Electrical Installer packages.

Funded Electrical Apprenticeships are available if you can find a suitable job in the industry.

Consider our evening NVQ 3 Diploma Electricians Course.

I already have electrical qualifications e.g. City & Guilds 2360 or 2330 or 2365

I have 5 + years site based electrical experience

I have less than 5 years site based electrical experience

You may be eligible for the Experienced Worker Assessment Scheme

Consider the 2357 NVQ 3 Diploma course (bridging route)

Why become an electrician?

Qualified electricians benefit from good rates of pay, flexible working hours and lots of opportunities for self-employment should you choose to set up your own business following your experience working elsewhere.   Electrician roles are dynamic and involve working with a range of different projects, people and problems - all meaning you’ll get to enjoy your day-to-day working life and fulfil a skills shortage present in the UK.

Become an electrician at 30+  

Many people aged 30 and above mistakenly feel as though their opportunity to learn a trade has passed. This can lead to feeling stuck in a rut and miserable in your current role. So why not transform your life to become an electrician at 30+ through evening classes here at Rebus Training? Our team comprises friendly professionals with industry experience who will treat you with respect and help you build a new career.   Take control of your life and change your career. Get in touch today to learn more.