Hire an apprentice electrician

If you’re an employer or a business considering hiring an apprentice, you’re in the right place. Rebus Training can help you find the perfect apprentice to suit your team.

“How do I take on an apprentice?”

We get asked this question a lot. Hiring an apprentice can be one of the most beneficial ways to grow your business thanks to the low initial cost, official government support and huge potential of a fresh young perspective in your team.

However, to truly benefit from an apprentice, you need a training provider who can support the growth of your new hire and ensure they are capable of matching both your own standards and that of the wider industry.

We make hiring an apprentice easy for you by helping with all the hard work, including applying for grants and finding the right candidate.

To take on an apprentice, you’ll need to know what an electrical apprenticeship entails, what your duties as an employer are, and of course, what the benefits to your business are

View our apprentice applicants View our apprentice applicants

Benefits of hiring electrical apprentices

  • Expand your workforce and inject new life into your business
  • Train your apprentice to suit your business’ needs and ways of working
  • Help address the UK skill gap
  • Acquire up to £1000 of grant funding from the Government

When you’re ready to take on an apprentice, we can help you find the right fit for your team with the "Find an Apprentice" service website and also on our own social media platforms.

Right now, you can also view our Apprentice Applicant List to view applicants that have passed our initial assessment process and are looking for an Electrical Apprenticeship.

  Apprenticeship Information, Advice and Guidance Apprenticeship Information, Advice and Guidance

A different way to work with apprentices

Have you ever wondered what practical training an apprentice undertakes? Wanted to know more about what skills they’re learning? At Rebus, we will invite you to come and have a look, share your thoughts and help us develop a programme that best meets your needs.

Get started with hiring an electrical apprentice

If you are considering recruiting an electrical apprentice, speak to our Apprenticeships Team. We’ll happily help you secure funding, apply for grants, arrange job advertisements and help with your recruitment and selection process.

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