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2929-31 Electric Vehicle Charging - Wed 21st & Thu 22nd Sept 2022

Only 16 left!

Approx $485.98 USD


Please note: For this course you will need:

  • to provide photo ID on arrival (passport, ECS card or photo driving licence)
  • IET Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation - current edition (free loan copies available)
  • Safety boots and suitable work wear must be worn during practical workshop sessions
  • Safety gloves must be work during all workshop sessions (free gloves available on request)

Important Assessment Information

  • You will be required to terminate PVC/PVC and SWA cables to a commercially acceptable standard.
  • You will be required to carry out inspection and testing and fully complete an Electrical Installation Certificate in compliance with IET Guidance Notes 3.  

There is an assumption that candidates have prior knowledge of BS7671 and inspection and testing. Candidates without this knowledge/experience should consider attending our 1-day inspection and testing refresher course.